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Pagebuilder CK Tutorials

Pagebuilder CK and Template Creator CK just go hand in hand. The interface allows for custom creation of the Joomla! template and the content within. It is designed to be adaptive, user friendly, and responsive.

These Pagebuilder CK tutorials are designed to help clients master the content of their site to take full control of the inner pages.

Pagebuilder CK Introduction

Pagebuilder CK Rows & Columns

be sure to check out the new "nested rows" feature in the next video below.

Pagebuilder CK Nested Rows

Pagebuilder CK Styles

Image Uploading

The differences between JCE and Tiny MCE text editor with Pagebuilder CK

Using Pagebuilder CK Pages as a content template

Use your favorite layouts and custom styles as "content templates" to make consistent content easy to achieve with little effort.

Adding an audio player with OpenDrive and PageBuilder CK

It's easy to add an audio file using OpenDrive and the built in audio player included with PageBuilder CK.

Pagebuilder CK LIghtbox Popup Image

How you can have your images display in a popup window using Pagebuilder CK and MediaBox CK


Save styles, animations, and elements to make your workflow more productive.